Feet on Fire is a 32-man, head-to-head barefoot endurance contest with one main rule: no barefoot suits allowed, only a pair of shorts and a vest.


The contest is pretty simple: Two barefooters compete behind the boat at one time, with both having to be off their step ski and on their bare feet by the starting point. From there, the boat continues in either a Ring of Fire (Feet on Fire South) or blazing figure-eight (Feet on Fire North), until someone falls. The last person standing, without falling, advances to the next round. 


It's one of the most highly-anticipated events in towed water sports with contests now each year in two regions -- Feet on Fire South in Orlando and Feet on Fire North in Wisconsin. Competitors are elite athletes from a broad spectrum of towed watersports, including wakeboarders, wakeskaters, traditional waterskiers, show skiers, stunt men and industry veterans.



The event was founded by pro wakeboarders Parks Bonifay, Daniel Watkins & Erik Ruck along with watersports industry announcer Danny (Dano the Mano) Amir. The first Feet on Fire was held in 2005 on Clear Lake in Orlando, Florida at Crazy Kelman’s legendary house. Since then, the barefoot endurance competition has taken place numerous times in Central Florida, Wisconsin and Australia.